Not who you are but who you can be.


I just wanted to say a big 'thank you' for all the great work you did on my showreel. It's paying off already. I got a featured part in a music video for The Script two weeks back, and the director said that my showreel specifically was what has impressed him, causing him to call me in for the audition.
Simon Lyshon Simon Lyshon
Ruggero is a dedicated tailor when it comes to writing your scenes to suit your abilities and bring out the best performance in you. He is very clear with his directions without obstructing your creative decisions as an actor. Working with Ruggero wasn´t just a great experience, it was a learning curve. I would without a doubt recommend Ruggero´s showreels for any actor, new or experienced.
Myles Marshall Myles Marshall
Actor and Stage combatant
Working with Ruggero was a pleasure from start to finish: I knew what I wanted in my reel and Ruggero wrote great scenes that showed exactly that. On the day he put me at ease and also helped push me to get the best out of myself, for which I am very grateful! It was all edited very quickly and I was provided with a show reel I can be proud of. Highly recommended!
Emma Longthorne Emma Gracias
Amazing value for money. Ruggero offers personal, thoughtful advice and took my opinions on board. A talented writer, director and filmmaker; Ruggero is an efficient, pleasant and considerate person to work with. I am unaware of another company who can offer the same standard of quality for similar rates.
Claire Huskisson Claire Huskisson
Working with Ruggero has been an absolute pleasure from start to finish – he is professional and extremely knowledgeable, and at his core a fantastic artist. His directorial techniques are brilliant, and I felt that I learned a huge amount from him. Just as importantly, his work post-shoot is great; the finished product was sharp and delivered very quickly. Thank you!
Shyam Bhatt Shyam Bhatt