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Showreel Prices

Price Breakdown
Showreel from scratch (3 scenes): £399 (includes editing the showreel together and adding any other existing material)

2 showreel scenes from scratch: £349 (includes editing the showreel together and adding any other existing material)

1 showreel scene from scratch: £300

1 scene from scratch plus putting a showreel together with other existing material: £319

Editing a showreel from existing material only: £90

Two actors deal: £359 each (includes a total of 5 showreel scenes from scratch, one of which is in common, and a 3-scene showreel put together for each actor)

Other deals can be agreed for larger groups, please get in touch for a quote.

Further information
For £399 we write, shoot, and edit three showreel scenes tailored to your strengths that will look and feel like they come from actual movies.

We will have an informal, no-obligation meeting to chat and discuss what you want from your showreel and the type of characters you wish to portray. If you would then like us to make your showreel there will be a non-refundable deposit of £80 to be paid.

After receipt of this, we will write three scenes tailored to your preferences as discussed during our meeting. We are happy to use scripts we haven’t written ourselves, although they may have to be slightly altered to make sure they can be shot to a high standard in just one day. Please note that there is no discount if scenes are not written by us.

If you already have some good material, we are happy to insert it into the showreel. The full cost also includes the full version of each of the scenes shot, so that they can be used in any of your future, updated showreels.

The first cut will usually be delivered within one month, and we guarantee within two.

We also create showreels from existing material at a cost of £90 (£40 deposit and the remaining £50 once you are satisfied with the cut).