Not who you are but who you can be.


My name is Ruggero Dalla Santa, I am an actor and film maker based in London and I’d like to help you put one foot into the door of the Industry!

After graduating from drama school, I kept auditioning for short movies, web series and music videos in order to get good material for my showreel. Six months of unpaid jobs later, I realised that what I had wasn’t good enough; either the overall quality of the footage was bad, or I wasn’t playing the characters I wanted, so I decided to put my passion for film making to good use. I wrote a few scenes, which I then shot with the help of some friends. Ever since I made my showreel, I have been cast in various feature films and high profile productions.

I decided to start making showreels for other actors who want to push their career forward but don’t have thousands of pounds to spend.
After making over one hundred showreels in the last five years, I now work with a team of two directors, four editors, and one writer to ensure the best quality in a reasonable turnaround time.