Not who you are but who you can be.
One Foot in the Door



Not who you are...

Thousands of actors are stuck in a rut of rejected applications because all they have are a few photos and some words to show what they are capable of.

...but who you can be.

Help yourself out by letting us create you a personalised, professional showreel. Show the casting directors the characters you can be.

Why do you need it?

Nowadays a good showreel is a fundamental tool for a serious actor. Without it, you don’t exist: Casting Directors have thousands of applications for each role they cast, and shortlisting only the actors with showreels is the first thing they do to reduce the number. Unfortunately, it’s not enough just to have a showreel. It has to be a great showreel, with professional footage that shows the best of what you can do.

Make or break a showreel


No casting director is going to watch 5 minutes or more of showreel; 2-3 minutes is all you need.


No matter how good your acting, you will never look good with low-quality clips. Quality filming for a quality showreel.


Show the different characters you can play and the different emotions. Don't limit yourself to boring, repetitive clips.


Music at the beginning of a showreel takes up precious seconds for no useful reason.

Action Sequences

Casting directors want dialogue and close ups to see how you act for the camera. Action clips don't belong here.


Like music, montages are basically empty spaces because they show nothing of your talent.